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As we are new we would love to hear from you with what are your top 3 concerns about being a parent. I am sure we all have similar concerns in today's society about how we should bring up our children, and by getting your opinions we can see what the most common concerns are and we will do our best to get some content to address these concerns. Just send an email to claus(@)practicalparents.co.uk , just remove the brackets from the @ symbol. We look forward to hearing from you.

Be Available for your Child

Filed Under (General) by Claus on 20-09-2010

I think we all long to know we are important to other people and children doubly so. So while as a parent it is important to tell your child that you love them, it will make a far greater impression to show them. I do believe that children flourish when they are given ample time and attention by their parents, and I can see it in my kids as their mother is at home with them and is always available. We do strive to make sure we give our kids a great example of what being a good person is about and my wife and I have spoken about how we can make sure we support the kids and give them a great environment.

We have moved their meal time a bit later so that I can get home from work and we can all eat together as a family and I think they like that. The weekend is almost completely devoted to spending as much time a possible as a family. We are fortunate enough to live very close to Legoland and as such we have got annual membership and go there for a few hours every weekend. It is a nice place to hang out, have a picnic and enjoy some rides.

Kristien is now in his third week of school and he keeps asking me to come and pick him up when he finishes school, but unfortunately that is not possible as I am still at work. So on Friday I am taking the day off so I can help with some things we need to do in the morning and then I will be there to pick him up from school and I can’t wait to see his reaction.

Now I just need to find a cool way to make money from home so I can be there when ever they are home, as I truly want them to get as much of my time as they want to help influence them positively to help make them strong and positive people.

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Another First Day

Filed Under (School) by Claus on 15-09-2010

After only a few days of Kristien going to school and we found that Mikkel who is now just 2 was missing his playmate. So we took the decision to send him to Montessori for 2 days per week.

 Yesterday was the first day for Mikkel and what a scene he made. As mother took him to Montessori, he was happy enough and running round with the other kids. Then the time for mother to leave came and as she got up to leave and called for Mikkel, he kicked off screaming his head off. As mum walked toward the door and waved then Mikkel suddenly realised that it was just mum leaving and he could stay, and he smiled and waved bye bye to his mother and ran into the melee of kids playing.

 Wow, how cool is that. Just 2 years old and he is ready to take on the world. Not something to make his mother feel needed, as Kristien ran into school and then her youngest only gets upset if he thinks he has to come home, but he is happy if mother wants to go.  So a few tuff weeks for Stephanie but as she secretly has to admit, she has done a great job on both of her kids, they like spending time with us but do not need us around all the time. And what a few weeks for the dad, he is proud as punch to see his two little sons beginning the exiting journey of exploring the big wide world and displaying such independence and confidence in them selves.

 I am sure there will be lots of exiting times to come but when I look back at what we have achieved in the first 4 years of parenthood, then I am buzzed with how well we have done this far.

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First Day of School

Filed Under (School) by Claus on 08-09-2010

Well Monday was the day my oldest started school. Kristien is 4 and he was raring to go to big boy’s school. Mum was a bit more reserved about the prospect, understandably so, and Dad was all exited.

When he came home from his 1st day he did an excellent impression of a suspense movie director and did not let any information leak out. After a few hours at home where he had relaxed he started to reveal small bits from his day. It sounded like it had been an exciting time for him with lots of new input into that sponge we like to call his brain.  The best bit was that he was raring to go the next day, so that must mean he enjoyed it.

Ready for 1st day at School

I am ready to go

Now after only 4 years with us he is beginning to make his own way into the world, and that is a great feeling for parents. I can still remember the feelings in my heart and the pit of my stomach after he has just arrived into this world and I went to the shop to get some much needed food and drink. Everything seemed to have changed, the world as I knew it would never be the same, and what a ride it has been.

So my advice to any prospective parents is that it will be a fun filled and exiting ride this journey of parenthood, and when they start to venture into the world by themselves it feels great.

And here is  a picture of Kristien in his new uniform that was taken just before he went to big boy’s school, a great day.

How cool to have so much exitment over everything in life.

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Where did the time go?

Filed Under (General) by Claus on 22-02-2010

Wow, it has been over a year since I last sat down to write anything on our blog. Who knew that having children could change your priority so dramatically that you no longer make time for anything that does not have something to do with your children? I think that having a blog is a great way to share information and also I think it might act a bit like a diary so in years to come we can look back and see all the things that has happened. As such I will be striving to make regular blog entries here, even if they are just short tit bits.

In the last year I have taken up photography again, it was a hobby of mine when I was young and single, but I felt that I know have 2 wonderful subjects and I wanted to capture them as they grow up, so decided to take the plunge and get a digital SLR camera for Christmas. As such I think I will devote some time here on the blog to ideas on how to get great pictures of your kids, as I feel sure lots of parents would like to be able to get better pictures of their pride and joy. If there is any interest I might even run a competition for anyone who wants to submit their favourite pictures and their children and hopefully we can all learn from each other.

Anyway that is all for today, and I will do my upmost to post regularly on this blog now and see what response we get.

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First Cold

Filed Under (Health) by Claus on 19-01-2009

Well my youngest son Mikkel has just got his 1st cold from his older brother. Nice to see that they can share, but this is not too much fun. He kept waking up every 15 min or so very upset that he could not breathe so one of us had to go and calm him down all night long. It has been a long night with not too much sleep.
It is easy to see that if you are on your own this would make things very tuff. My wife and I have a good system that has been working since our oldest son was born. I am a night owl and as such my shift starts at 8pm and I am responsible for getting out of bed until 3am and then my wife takes over. This means that on a night like last night where I was getting up all the time, I knew that at 3am I could get some sleep and up until then Steve could get sleep. This works well as you can sleep during your allocated time with no guilt about the fact that your partner has to get up and comfort your children. It also means that both parents get some sleep and this helps to keep harmony in the family.

The last 3 nights my oldest son Kristien has been getting me up regularly as he was the one who had the cold. It was amazing on Saturday night when he woke up and had a temperature and he suddenly decided that he wanted to use every word he had stored in his brain so far. It was a torrent of outpouring words for 45 minutes, amazing the amount of words he has learnt in his first 2 and a half years. When the Medicet kicked in he calmed down and after an hour or so he fell asleep again. I was impressed that his outpouring did not wake up his little brother. We have found that having a fan in each of the rooms helps to mask the noise so we minimise the chances that both kids are awake at the same time.

We will see how Mikkel gets on today but I suspect it will be another long night tonight. I still remember Kristien’s first cold, he was so bunged up that he could not drink any of his feed as he could not breathe. After several unsuccessful attempts to get him to feed, I bundled him up and went and sat outside in the cold night air for 40 minutes (it was a cold night) and then when I came in with him his nose was clear enough to get a feed into him. As it is January and very cold at the moment I hope I do not have to do the same with Mikkel.

Well that is all for me today, now I better get some work done and make sure I do not fall asleep at my keyboard. If anyone has any good ideas on how you deal with cold and flu with your kids we would love to hear from you, just add a comment by clicking below.

Until next time.

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Hello from Claus

Filed Under (General) by Claus on 07-01-2009

I have now been hard at work for the last few days trying to get this blog set up and it is coming along, still lots to learn but it is fun. I thought I would just put a little post up to see what it looks like and introduce myself to any one who stumbles across our little plot on Cyberspace.

I am the proud father of 2 perfect sons and they have changed my life quite dramatically over the last 2 and a half years, for the better I hasten to add. It is this reason that my lovely wife Stevie and I decided to embark on this project of setting up this site to discuss all the fun and not so fun times we have had and will no doubt continue to have as we struggle with all the issues facing parents who are trying to do the best they can for their children.

We hope we will find lots of new friends by being on the web and that we can all share our thoughts on the trial and triumps of parenting. If you want to find out some more about our little family have a look at the About page at the top and I will try to add some fun facts and descriptions on that page during this week.

In the mean time please feel free to add a comment by clicking on the red bar below, we would love to hear from you.

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Hello world!

Filed Under (General) by Admin on 05-01-2009

Here we will be discussing practical parenting tips and anything we feel relating to parenting. As we are now parents we feel we have lots of fun knowledge to share and wanted to have a place where we can share our opinions and hopefully get a network of other parents from around the world who want to share their thoughts with us as well. Please bear with us as we try to figure out all this technical stuff with setting up a blog and getting it looking nice before we start to post our thought on it.

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